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Fire!! Fire!!

August 17th, 2005

Here's my 1st attempt at Blog.

Saturday 13th August just around teatime (oops went into Life of Brian there). Croft - post 16 Complex in. Marshals once again thin on the ground and so on post was Peter (Incident officer) and myself (Flag Marshall, Course Marshall and soon to be Fire Marshall)

The first 2CV race had begun all cars seemed to be going at a similar pace. Two cars were starting to pull away from rest of field followed by another group of six cars. Then coming past post 10 was a white car number 99, going quite slow seemed to be lacking a little power, though there was no sign of anything visibly wrong. Then once through Sunny in and out the problem appeared smoke coming through radiator grill. The driver fully aware of the situation now kept the car going as best he could, but about 50 yards from our post he pulled off the track. Were post 14 going to assist or was it down to us, the latter it was our baby. Whilst Peter radio`d it in I handed over the green flag and left post. Collecting a powder fire extinguisher on way, (we are trained to use powder first). I dashed to the stricken car with the driver standing by. Let me tell you 50 yards carrying a full extinguisher is quite a distance. I first of asked if he'd isolated his vehicle, with his helmet still on I had to ask again, he then isolated car, I asked if he had an electrical fuel pump or mechanical, not such a daft question as you might think. I didn't want to take any chances. I pulled the plastic tab from retaining pin then removed the pin, I was ready for the fire. The training we received was spot on I seemed to be on auto - pilot I knew what I had to do. The driver had removed the bonnet pins and then raised the bonnet not the correct way to do things but I guess he was eager to find out the extent of the problem. I saw flames coming up through air filter so without a 2nd thought the powder was released and coverd the fire it was all over. Though I waited for a few minutes just to make sure there wasn't a re-occurence, once I was happy the bonnet was replaced and we returned to the safety of our post and radioed in that at end of the race we'd need a straight tow. Once back at post I advised the driver of the side effects of fire extiguisher powder, just in case he wasn't aware.
Once back on post I took over the flags again and continued my role. It's only now I smile to myself of a job well done.
On the Sunday Ken Grey told me I was famous and then handed me a picture, I never thought for one second that I'd been captured. I also advised some of fellow marshals that I'd had my first fire, seems they all knew as they'd heard it on radio.

As an after thought anyone thinking they couldn't possibly do this then believe me you can. We get expert training and because of this we can put our skills to good use. Come and join us.

Welcome to the NSSCC Weblog

June 18th, 2005

Welcome to the dbRacing blog for the Northern Saloon & Sports Car Championship. Tell everyone how your race went

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