Rockingham Race Report 2/3July 2005

July 5th, 2005

Well what a funny old weekend, I like Rockingham as a rule and the car normally goes well at Rockingham, in fact in 2002 it went very well and we almost ended up with a Race win. Rockingham in my opinion is an awesome place, the people on the gates this year were extremely relaxed and not Jobs worths like they are at alot of the circuits these days, we were welcomed with a friendly smile and a lovely relaxed manner.

The setting is quite nice as you drive in though you have to be extremely careful as it's like Watership Down and you have to avoid Thumper and Friends who play Chicken by running out in front of you, they need to be careful as they will be flattened as the car & trailer combination is around 3 tons Gross weight.

We were in the Outer Paddock this time and for a while you would think that the Porsche Competitiors were the only ones there, it was like being in a leper colony actually, but a nice one.

We chose to park next to some friendly people who are Chimp Tune Racing and that was good.

We left the Car Friday Evening and set off to the hotel for an early start Sat Morning.

Saturday Morning we were up bright and early, feeling knackered though and made our drive to the circuit we were amazed as there were alot of pigeons on the road in various places on our Journey, scavagging for bits etc, I said to DB this is strange and he agreed, there was one obviously feeling extremely slow and Lethargic like me as it couldn't be bothered to move out of the way until we were almost upon it, I've not tried Pigeon Pie and wasn't going home that night so i didn't need any pigeons dead. Thankfully we think they all survived.

We got to the circuit early to prep the car ready for the early morning free practice, Fraser Robertson came across and said he hadn't slept so well Friday night and himself and Marcus Clutton's Grandad had been walking the track at, i think he was sneakily working his way through things to try and get an advantage to get some hot laps in.

DB took to the track in the session and was looking good, we were using the time for damper settings so he kept coming back to the pits to pester me for damper setting changes, I'm getting pretty used to this now .

Quite afew people came up to me and said David is going well, he seemed to be ok but needed to find afew more seconds really to secure pole.

Last lap he was going well and then he put the Kettle onto Boil and yes you guessed Head Gasket Failure, so i'll let David tell this story in his report.

Sunday Morning was another strange morning and another early start, on the way to the circuit this morning it was Watership Down Revisited and all the Bunnies were running on the roads, nearly got Rabbit Pie or Stew that night i'll tell you and they were atill doing "Chicken" Running or should i say "Rabbit" running when we arrived at the Circuit.

We were bright and early at the circuit 6.20am as we had to check the oil levels etc and wanted to make sure everything was going to be ok for the day, I was sat out on the deckchair at 6.30 waiting for action.

We were quiet as mouses and we were glad when it was 8 am as the bacon and Sausage sarnies were ready.

I will let DB give the race report, We were considering staying for the Natasha Bedingfield concert but had had ebough by 5.30 and were just wanting to get home as well and out of the heat.

pesky944 reporting as Pit crew and Team Manager

Welcome to the Porsche Club / Open Weblog

June 18th, 2005

Welcome to the dbRacing blog for the Porsche Club Championship. Tell everyone how your race went

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